1: A close-up of some hospital machinery.

Eric: Of course I miss you, though.

How’s the new house?

2: Julia and Mel, talking.

Julia: Big.

Mel: It’s really nice, very roomy.

Julia: It’s one of those machine-printed houses. Wish I coulda seen them build it.

3: Eric sits up in his bed.

Eric: I’ll see it soon. I’ll be out of here in a couple days, krrff, and-

4: Eric sits up, turns coughing into his arm.

5: Julia watches Mel’s expression which is surprisingly stern and fixed.

6: As Eric’s coughing subsides, Melissa pats his shoulder.

Mel: Soon, Dad, but just try to rest for now.

We’ll get you home quick, then you can come help around the new place.