The Order of the Black Dog is a furry science fiction and horror webcomic heavily inspired by cryptozoology, urban legends, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Set in a near-future, alternate history version of Earth where Egypt’s royal dynasty has survived to become a modern world power, the comic focuses primarily on a group of college girls who resurrect an esoteric group (The Order) to focus on solving mysteries of strange creatures and sightings around the country.

The Author

Rebecca Raptor, also known as Immelmann or NX-42, has been an illustrator and webcomic author in the furry community for over fifteen years, achieving mild fame (or notoriety?) with their first webcomic Concession, later starting the much lighter webcomic Ballerina Mafia. Find more art from them on FurAffinity.


Quetza Drake: Editor, Issues 1-25; Colors, Issues 1-2; Additional Illustrations for Issue 1
Tsumi Golde: Editor, Issues 3-25; Colors, Issues 3-23
Shugwar: Editor, Issues 1-6
Stank: Editor, Issues 1 and 2
Sigh: Colors, Issue 1
Ry: Colors, Issue 2