1: The hedgehog sits across the table from an older looking female hedgehog, presumably their “mum”, at a somewhat fancy looking restaurant. They smile and talk.

2: They both walk to the mom’s car.

3: As they enter the passenger seat, the hedgehog flinches as the mom’s hand, holding something small and glass, has pressed to their neck, causing some sort of shock.

4 :The hedgehog sits slumped to one side in their seat, eyes left open in paralyzed shock. The mother straps herself in, her smile having faded into a stoic expression.

5: From outside the car, the hedgehog is seen paralyzed and looking out the window, lit by passing lights.

6: Their eyes move, but their body doesn’t.

7: The lights shift and the dark, white-eyed silhouette of their “mother” is seen driving behind them.