1: A view of the exterior of Innitou General Hospital.
Julia: They just can’t get rid of ya, huh?
Eric: Well, I liked the service here so much, I figured- *ah-hrm* I’d book another stay.

2: Julia and Melissa stand by Melissa’s father in a hospital bed. Eric looks thinner than he did before and is tapping at his chest to better indicate where the infection is. His right eye is milky and blind and surrounded by a red scar.
Eric: It’s just this damned infection, can’t quite seem to settle it down.
Mel: Well, you deserve the time off.
Eric: Time off, eh. Our solar needs replacing, carpet’s overdue for a cleaning… And a certain someone’s room is finally empty, ready for… something.

3: Mel smiles as she talks to Eric.
Mel: I hope the place isn’t too quiet without me.
Eric: Mel, you were always the quietest kid.

4: Julia is grinning like an idiot.
Eric: I bet you were a handful, young lady.
Julia: Guilty.