1: Seen from above, Julia and Melissa head to their car.

2: Melissa looks stern and almost expressionless; Julia looks concerned, following close behind her.

Julia” Are you… gonna be okay?

Mel” Yeah. He’ll be fine, he’s still young.

3: Mel is opening the car door, ready to get in, not looking at Julia.

Julia: But are you gonna be okay?

Mel: Yes, Julia.

I’ve waited out worse.

5: Julia, fidgeting.

Julia: Have you?

He’s pretty sick.

Mel: You were sicker.

6: Car door open, Melissa sits facing Julia, who hasn’t approached the passenger side yet.

Mel: You were basically dead, but I powered through that. He’s just got an infection. He’ll be fine, and so will I.

Julia: …Okay.