1: Their car, seen from above, slowly crawls through city streets.

Julia: More research today?

Mel: Mhmm.

2: Julia is looking out the window as she talks, looking hopeful.

Julia: Yesterday, you were talking about maybe going out somewhere… We could find time for that today, maybe? Take our minds off things?

Mel: I’m not sure I have the time for it today.

3: Melissa grip the wheel tight as she speaks sternly, eyes not leaving the road.

Julia: You made time for Jackson.

Mel: Yes, I did. I wanted to see how he was doing, since I had to help take care of him for months while you were gone.

4: Seen from outside the car, Julia looks to Mel, angry. Mel doesn’t look at her.

Julia: Are you mad at me for being sick?

Mel: No, I’m just waiting for you to come home.

Julia: I’m home! I’m here!

Mel: Could have fooled me.

5: Mel watching the road and Julia looking out the side window, they ride in silence.