1: Drinks and snacks are laid out on a coffee table.
Julia: I can’t believe you haven’t seen this one. I’m so angry that you haven’t seen this movie!

2: Melissa and Julia are sat on the sofa in their living room facing a large screen with Jackson sat between them. The table in front of them has drinks and snacks laid out. Melissa seems comfortable, while Julia clings to a pillow.
Jackson: I don’t have a lot of movie-watching time.
I don’t get a lot of vacations, you know.
Julia: Well, you’re on duty now, and you have to watch this movie or we’ll… report you, or something.

3: Jackson removes his sunglasses. His blue eyes are now prosthetic and showing their clear artificiality.
Jackson: If you insist.
Julia: So you do have eyes under there.

4: He playfully scowls at Julia.

5: The large television facing them proudly displays a logo: