1: Outside, a drone is slowly floating away from the house. Melissa stands on the porch, watching it go, two pizza boxes in her hands.

2: She walks the pizza back in to the living room.

3: As the screen shows the image of a train later in the movie, the three talk among themselves.
Julia: So can you… see it okay?
Jackson: Yeah. My vision’s nearly the same as it used to be.

4: Julia’s leaning in close to Jackson.
Julia: They don’t give you, like, infrared or let you see super far?
Jackson: These are prototypes, I’m lucky I can see at all.

5: Melissa settles down with pizza in her hand.
Mel: I’m surprised you’re back to work so quickly, especially after… I’m sure that eye stuff wasn’t pleasant.
Dad is still recovering from all that.

6: Jackson in profile.
Jackson: I haven’t exactly had an impressive couple of years. Security breaches and sabotage, all on my watch.
I’ve got to prove that I know how to do my job.