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1: The television shows Naomi Rider on the side of a train, climbing up the side of it.
???: Rider! Do NOT get on top of that moving train, I swear to the gods-
Rider: This isn’t first my train heist, you know! I got this!

2: Julia, comfy and wrapped up in a blanket, has a big smile on her face as she watches, very quietly mouthing some of Rider’s lines.

Rider: Manchester! Your plan is off the rails, and you will be too, if you don’t hand over the Heart!
Julia: you will be too… hand over the Heart!

3: Jackson, arms folded, is smirking as Julia blushes and pulls the blankets closer.
Jackson: So, did you base your entire public persona off this character, or what?
Julia: What? No! No. Shut up.

4: Jackson, head tilted and amused, looks to Melissa.
Jackson: Melissa, do you even-

5: Melissa is mimicking the actor on screen, fingers held out like a gun.

Manchester: I’ll hunt you to the ends of the earth, Rider!
Mel: I’ll hunt you to the ends of the earth, Rider!