1: The film’s credits are now seen.
Jackson: I… sure. I liked it. It was actually pretty accurate with how the guns handled, though I’m not sure that’s how lasers work.

2: All seen on the couch, as Jackson drinks water, Melissa settles in to talk to him. Julia, all bundled up, is lit by the glow of her phone as she watches it.
Mel: Speaking of secret agent stuff… what are your leads so far, detective?

3: Agent Jackson is cleaning his sunglasses.
Jackson: There’s a lot of people who could have leaked the information. They keep as many of them in the dark as possible, but the nature of the project necessitates a lot of eyes.

4: A view of the debris of food and drink.
Jackson: It being bought by some foreign interest doesn’t explain an attempt to leak information to Salvino It’s as if whoever it is wants a breach into the populace.
We already have issues with certain other cover-ups being leaked online.

5: We watch Julia stare at her phone quietly.
Mel: Someone wanted us to stumble on that lunar site… Someone wants an outbreak…
Who would want that sort of chaos? Why?
Jackson Hard to say, but we know that there’s alien intervention. It could imply… anything about…