1: Jackson and Melissa return to the livingroom. Boxes stacked against the wall, the two birds are relaxing and idly chirping at each other.
Jackson: Looks like we’re done up here.
We should report back and let you two unpack.

2: Melissa glances at Julia, who is glancing at her phone.

3: Julia looks up when Mel speaks.
Mel: Um, Jackson, you three don’t have to run off right away.
Why don’t you stay a bit, relax?

4: The two birds wave her off.
Mel: That’s fair, yeah.

5: Jackson rubs at his face a little.

Mel: Jackson…?
Can you legally “hang out” without some cyanide chip in your brain activating?
Jackson: I… could put a few things off, but I wouldn’t want to impose.
Mel: We’d love to have you, see you outside of working hours for once! Right Julia?

6: Julia leans on a wall, looking a bit sarcastic or annoyed. Mel, in the foreground, looks annoyed at her response.
Julia: I guess. I really wanted to get to unpacking and see what these boys confiscated from my apartment, but okay…