1: Seen from through one of the frosted lab windows from the genetics room beyond, Vidali leans forward to her computer to tap a few buttons.

2: She has gotten up for a quick walk, stretching again.

3: Her unattended computer gives a blip of a new notification as something pops up on-screen.

4: Vidali has returned with a drink and is leaning down to look at the screen.

5: She drops the drink to the floor as she leans in further, her tail fluffed up, pulling the laptop around to look closer.

6: She has hastily sat down. She’s typing and clicking furiously. The drink seeps out across the floor.

Xijo (from intercom): Vidali Dara?

7: She hits the intercom.

Xijo (from intercom): Doctor Vidali Dara?

Vidali: Guh! …Yes?
Xijo (from intercom): I am ready to proceed.

Vidali: Right…


8: She stays seated, arms limp at her side as she stares at her screen in silence.

9: She hasn’t moved as the drink seeps into the carpet.