1: Sedjet speaks careful.

Sedjet: Julia, if you can hear me… I’d really like to talk.

It’s okay if you don’t want to. No pressure.

2: From Sedjet’s seat we see the blank view of the window.

Sedjet (off-panel): Did you… like seeing Melissa?

3: Julia’s snout pokes out into view.

4: Sedjet recoils slightly in mild surprise as Julia strains to her feet, in clear view of him.

5: Sedjet’s hopeful, if worried, expression.

Sedjet: How are you feeling?

6: Julia is turning around to walk away.

Sedjet: Julia! Please, say something… anything.

We want to help. We want to make you better.

7: Julia looks over her shoulder silently, looking sad, or maybe judgmental.

8: She disappears around the corner, to another part of her confinement, leaving Sedjet there alone.