1: A desk is littered in trash: a coffee cup, the papers from a breakfast sandwich, a plastic container. In the background we see the projected image of morning sun on the pink wall of the laboratory lounge wall.

Vidali (off-panel): Gooooood morning.

2: Vidali leans back in her chair, tapping a small intercom device beside her on the desk. She’s rubbing her face some, in a new outfit.

Xijo (from intercom): This is Xijo Tephalis. The isolation chamber is ready for testing and I request your assistance Vidali Dara.

Vidali: Uh yeah. Okay. Let me finish up here first.

3: Doctor Xijo, on location at the isolation chamber, is outside of it in a sort of observation chamber, surrounded by multiple cameras and sensors. The room beyond, the actual chamber, is a circular room, its walls made of black panels.

Vidali (from intercom): How’s it looking so far?

Xijo: All systems appear to function as intended. I expect radiation canceling to reach 95%.

Vidali (from intercom): Hah, I guess that’s enough. Good job, I’ll be down soon, don’t start it without me.

4: Vidali stretches in her chair at the lounge table.

Vidali: You seen Sedjet today?

Xijo (from intercom): I affirm. I saw him briefly, he was distracted.

Vidali: I’m waiting for some of his notes from trying to talk to Julia.

Xijo (from intercom): He may require time to process the situation… it must be [untranslated Martian]… stressful.

Not too much time, however: there is a schedule to maintain.

Vidali: Yeah, yeah…

I’ll wrap up here soon.