1: Melissa is finishing with the binding she’s putting on Julia’s arm.

Caption: 4 months ago.

Melissa: You’re gonna need an actual doctor to look at this.

Julia: What, haven’t you got your doctorate yet?

Melissa: Strangely enough, they don’t cover broken arms much in the Astronomy department.

2: Julia looks away, ears folded.

Julia: I’m… sorry, Mel.

Melissa: It’s fine, really. I’m sorry for getting mad, I was just so worried about you.

3: Melissa looks away, embarrassed.

Melissa: I, heh… I worry about you a lot… I mean, not just when we’re running around in caves.

Julia (off-panel): What, me? What’s to worry about?

4: Melissa leans in looking stern.

Melissa: You mean besides unleashing a gross space monster that attacked a science facility?

Julia, you got me to talk about all my issues and everything that’s happened to me, but you won’t say a word about anything that’s happened to you.

Julia (off-panel): You know what I’ve seen, it doesn’t matter-

Melissa: You saw people die. You can’t just brush that aside.

5: Julia looks away, brow furrowed.