1: Julia’s hands wring the torn sleeves of the cave suit she still wears around her middle.

Julia: What am I supposed to say? For the longest time I was convinced it was my fault. I found that stupid thing… I helped it get free.

Melissa (off-panel): Everyone knows it was an accident. People were lost because of that thing, and that’s terrible, but… it’s not your fault. No one blames you, they know you helped stop it. Don’t carry all those lives on your shoulders.

Julia: I don’t care about any of them!

2: Julia holds her hands up, jumping to catch her mistake.

Julia: Shit, I mean, I do care about what happened to them, but… it’s not that.

It’s what happened to you, Mel.

3: Melissa listens, concerned and blushing.

Julia (off-panel): I did that to you. I pushed you into the situation, and it’s my fault it got inside you.

4: Julia looks off to the side, forlorn.

Julia: And then, when I should have been there to keep you safe down in the ruins…

I ran off instead…