1: Melissa sets a small black alarm clock.

2: A stony room of the underground ruins has been made into a sort of break area with coolers of food and drink, lights and a heater. The floor has been leveled with boards. Julia looks at the snacks on the table, holding her right arm worriedly. Melissa stands beside her.

Melissa: You okay?

Julia: Yeah. Got all the notes and references here.

Melissa: I’m obviously not talking about the presentation.

3: Inside the Black Dogs HQ, messy and disheveled with stack of papers, journals and notes. A dimly lit Julia is there pouring over letters, a broken glass catches the dim light.

Melissa (in a narration box): You’ve done nothing but work on this for the past three months… I know you have everything ready.

I’m asking if you are okay.

4: Julia gives Melissa a smile.

Julia: It’s just weird, being down here, we didn’t exactly leave this place on the best terms, did we?

5: Melissa returns the smile.

Melissa: Tension was high…

6: In a flashback, Melissa fixes Julia’s arm in the Black Dogs HQ, dressed in their cave gear.

Melissa (in a narration box): …but I think we came through just fine.