1: The three have stopped outside a stone doorway covered in a plastic curtain.

Julia: So… we’ve sat through the paperwork, background checks and DNA samples, I think I can ask: what happened to the creatures that were down here?

Njeri: While we relocated much of what we found to a secure location for study, I’m afraid nothing living left these caves.

2: Melissa looks a little shocked.

Melissa: You killed them?

Njeri: They were frail creatures who developed in a niche ecosystem, exposure to surface bacterium was more than their immune systems could handle. The ones not dead on our arrival did not survive capture and transportation.

Melissa: And the frozen ones we saw?

Njeri: Just that: frozen. They hadn’t been alive for a very long time, but they could still provide us with many answers.

3: Julia and Melissa exchange glances.

Julia: Those things sure didn’t seem frail when we saw them, we barely outran them.

4: Njeri motions to the room they have stopped outside.

Njeri: We’ve set up a room so you can prepare before the talk. We’ll send someone in to get you at 4 o’clock.