1: Dr. Njeri leads the two girls down a brightly lit corridor of stone. Equipment and crates are piled along the path.

Dr. Njeri: Project Desert Rose is a joint operation between the William Pilgrim Extraplanetary Research Center and the Pharoh’s Department of Investigation.

We’re tasked with exploring and understanding the ruins that you lovely girls discovered.

2: Julia is leaning over to look at one of the crates, labeled “ERSO”.

Julia: What’s the space agency got to do with all this?

Dr. Njeri (off-panel): We’ve borrowed advanced equipment from several institutions, including the space agency, so we can best analyze these caves.

3: The scientist leads Melissa forward, but Julia slinks back slightly, peeking past a door.

Dr. Njeri: While your group was busy studying historical references to the Idol, we’ve been doing all we can to discern the age, and origins, of these ruins and their… inhabitants.

4: Julia peeks down another passage.

5: Behind boxes is a hallway, a door is guarded by an obviously armed agent in a suit.