1: Now inside the large underground caves, the cut rock walls are lit up with electric lights, strung across the ceilings and floors, rails have been drilled into the overhead walkways of the circular caverns.

Julia: I like what they’ve done with the place.

Melissa: It’s… cozy?

2: A scientist greets them in a lab coat: a tall, strongly built African wild dog with distinctive heterochromia. This is Dr. Njeri

Njeri: Ms King? Ms Khainouda?

Melissa: Oh, uh, yes sir!

Njeri: I am Dr. Njeri, head of Project Desert Rose. I would be honored to escort you through the research zone.

3: The three stand and talk under the artificial light.

Njeri: We’re all greatly looking forward to your seminar. I trust you’ve had adequate time to prepare?

Julia: Yes, sir. We’ve done all we can to learn how the Black Idol ended up beneath Cairo.