1: Leaving Hedgeworth standing there in contemplation, Leister turns back to the pods, Hedgeworth clutches at his chest through the jacket.

Leister: I’m going to awaken the people here, and we’re going to find out what happened to the rest of our race.

We’ll abandon this ruined, forsaken rock and every disgusting creature that crawls upon it.

2: Leister studies one of the cryotubes. Hedgeworth has his arm reached into a jacket, studying him coldly.

Leister: If you were smart, you would–

3: Hedgeworth pulls out a pistol and fires, shooting Leister in the back.

4: As Hedgeworth contemplates his actions, he starts to walk away. Scared by the noise, the feral lizards nip and snarl at each other in the foreground as Leister slumps down onto the floor, bleeding out.