1: They stand off, arguing. Feral lizards watch and slither in the dark.

Hedgeworth: You had no intention of helping me find more of the Black Star. You’ve only ever cared about finding your own people.

Leister: Awakening the remnants of my civilization could be more important to your damned research than any amount of that filthy thing!

Hedgeworth: Your society is dead! The possibilities the Star represents to my society are endless!

Leister: You idiot. You coward.

2: Leister snarls, feathers splayed.

Leister: I’ve seen what it can do. Its power is a force of death and ruin and you know it.

You want to study it so badly?

3: Silhouetted by the lantern in the cave, the dinosaur leans in to whisper to Hedgeworth.

4: Hedgeworth staggers back in shock.

5: They stare at each other.

Hedgeworth: Impossible.