1: Leister stands in the doorway of a stone cut room, Hedgeworth beside him with lantern up.

Leister: This is it!

Hedgeworth: This is what you’ve been searching for?

2: The light illuminates glass tubes of cryofrozen dinosaurs.

Hedgeworth (off-panel): So, more of your kind still survives down here.

3: Leister walks across the room, eagerly looking over the tubes. Hedgeworth follows.

Leister: This city was very important to our scientists and politicians. I knew that if important members of our society still lived anywhere, it would be here.

Hedgeworth: You knew what this city was?

4: Hedgeworth looks curiously to Leister.

Hedgeworth: You led us here, you would have known if this city had a sample in it. Have you been lying to me all along?

5: Leister turns to him with a scowl.

Leister: You were so singularly focused on the Black Star, you would not see any other way.