1: Morning light shines through the windows of the library.

2: Winter clothes are wrapped around an arm.

3: Hedgeworth and Leister, wearing thick coats, gloves and scarves, head down the hallway towards the stairs down.

Hedgeworth: You said this city seems older than the one you’re from?

Leister: Hard to tell from out here but, yes, I suspect these tunnels will be much older and more roughly made.

My city was modern, made for living and for science.

This one was longer abandoned or used as storage, I do not recall.

4: Hedgeworth leads the two of them down the long stairwell.

5: Within the coils of stairs, Leister adjusts the bracelet on his wrist as sparks of light cover him.

6: The alien bug and ancient dinosaur, now out of their disguises and in their true forms, continue downstairs.