1: The pair walk down a long, hand-cut stone hallway.

2: Hedgeworth raises his lantern, pointing to one side.

Hedgeworth: Wait– There, see them?

Leister (off-panel): So it’s true…

3: The light illuminates two large, feral lizards, bony frills and quadrupedal forms still baring some similarity to Leister, recoiling from within broken tunnels.

Leister (off-panel): Our deranged descendants roam these cities after all.

Hedgeworth (off-panel): We’ve found similar creatures in other ruins. We believe eggs left frozen from your civilization hatched. Without adult kin, they went savage, and so over generations…

4: Hedgeworth doesn’t see as behind him Leister reaches into his jacket.

Hedgeworth: I’m sorry. It must be hard to-

5: Hedgeworth recoils as Leister fires a shot past him, towards the feral monsters.

6: Leister watches the lizards escape into darkness with a scowl.

Leister: Don’t be sorry. Those aren’t my people.