1: Hedgeworth stands, wiping his hands.

Leister: Is everything ready for us to descend?

Hedgeworth: Almost, I was just reviewing our defenses.

2: Hedgeworth slides out a large suitcase.

Hedgeworth: I’m afraid my resources have become very… limited.

3: With the case open, we see some of the alien weapons and devices he took with him, many of which are biological and dead, only skeletal components remaining.

Hedgeworth (off-panel): With no way to develop replacements for my tools, we will have to rely on Earth weaponry.

Leister (off-panel): Your gun seems to still be… alive.

4: Hedgeworth’s hand pets the bio-gun.

Hedgeworth: But with no way to safely grow more ammunition, she only has one shot left in her.