1: At night, the library is in a state of almost complete renovation. Lit only by candles and oil lanterns, Hedgeworth and Leister sit eating dinner in the main hall of the library.

Hedgeworth: I may never understand your distaste for these people.

2: A closer shot, Leister seems less than impressed.

Leister: Hrm?

Hedgeworth: The people of this planet, I’ve seen how you look at them.

3: Leister grimaces.

Leister: I don’t know how you can stand to touch them… disgusting creatures.

4: The two talking.

Hedgeworth: They don’t seem that different from you or I. Dirtier perhaps, more primitive, certainly, but they have same basic needs and motivations, in the end. Honesty, I’ve grown fond of them.

Leister: Some day you’ll understand. They’re not like us at all, not really.

5: Leister looks only angrier the more he thinks about it.

Leister: They’re sick.

The sooner we’re both with our own kind, the better.