1: The disguised lizard and Hedgeworth stand in a mostly-built room of the library, discussing hand drawn room layouts.

Caption: Cairo, 1855.

Off panel a small voice: Um, sirs?

2: A young duck stands timidly in the doorway.

Duck: The men say they need the updated plans for the upper floors before they can continue.

3: The Sand Piper, going by the alias Mr. Leister, steps forward looking angry. Hedgeworth, behind, is following and looking more sympathetic.

Leister: We asked not to be disturbed. The men can figure it out just fine until we are ready for them.

Hedgeworth: Ah, now now, Mr. Leister.

4: Hedgeworth pats the young bird’s head reassuringly.

Hedgeworth: Our little translator is just doing his job, let’s not be rude. Tell the men we’ll have their plans within the hour.

5: The kid scurries away. Hedgeworth returns to the plans as seen from above.

Leister: I’m going for a walk. I need to get away from these people for a while.