1: Julia addresses the crowd. A blueprint of the Black Dogs offices shows on screen, marking the stairs down and the hidden compartment in one of the cupboards.

Julia: Based on records of library renovation, as well as the style of construction used in the false wall, I’ve postulated that this secret room was built into the library since its reconstruction in 1855.

This implies that Mr Dahl had access to the Idol and purposefully hid it. However, based on the numerous remaining artifacts, and creatures, left in the underground city, I don’t believe Dahl found the Idol in these ruins.

2: The projector behind her now shows a digitally enhanced photograph of the stone-carved map found on the walls of the ruins, overlayed with the American states/territories.

Julia (off-panel): An ancient map found in the ruins, shown here, implies at least six other similar sites across the globe.

One, in particular, seems to be located in the American Southwest.

My theory is that Dahl, also known as Hedgeworth, found EA-055-b, the Black Idol, underground in Nevada whilst running a mining operation there.

3: Hedgeworth, in a 1855’s flashback, sits on a wooden chair in the library basement, lit by a lone gas lantern and contemplating something.

Julia (narrating): He came to Cairo, knowing full well there were ruins here, in an attempt to find more examples of the artifact.

4: We see what he contemplates: the Black Idol, still bound in rope in a wooden crate.