1: Julia turns on her side to talk to Melissa.

Julia: Listen, like…

About what happened.

Melissa: Hm?

Julia: When we went into the basement, and we found… that thing.

2: Melissa rolls away to avoid facing Julia.

Melissa: We don’t need to talk about that.

3: As they lay there, Melissa is still not facing Julia as she speaks.

Julia: We do, though. I know you haven’t been sleeping either.

Melissa: I’m fine.

Julia: Mel… Rhoda wasn’t “fine” until she opened up and talked about what happened to her.

It’s the only way to move on, otherwise it just festers inside you.

I’m sure you two are fucking sick of me saying this all the time, but I am here for you both and I want to help you.

4: Melissa is still rolled over, but she’s turned a bit to talk over her shoulder.

Melissa: I know you do. And I’ll talk about it eventually. Maybe. But not now.

5: Julia rests her head on her arms, looking sad and frustrated at Melissa and Rhoda.