1: Rhoda is packing a backpack in her bedroom. This is her room in her family home, with her parents, an art station and supplies are near a small bed, we see little action figures on her shelf. The long snake-like creature is lounged across her bed and table atop some of the supplies she was packing.

???: Rhoda…


It’s rude to ignore people, Rhoda…

Rhoda: It’s rude to lay on the furniture.

2: Rhoda keeps packing and tries to ignore the charismatic creature, as the presence leans over her shoulder.

???: Ah, so you can hear me…

Rhoda: I can’t hear you because you’re a hallucination.

???: Spare me your doctor’s rhetoric…

3: The creature is starting to gently coil around Rhoda, who is finding it harder to ignore him.

???: You know just how real I am… You know reality better than most.

Rhoda: What do you want, anyways?

???: I just want to meet the girl who saw the other world…

It is so rare we get to see mortals looking so deep.

Rhoda: And who are you again?

4: The creature’s hand paws at the gold religious necklace around Rhoda’s neck.

???: So many questions… don’t you remember what your curiosity got you last time?

5: Rhoda turns around to try to swipe at the creature and bat it away, but she phases through him, as if hitting a cloud.

6: The beast just smiles coyly.