1: In bright daylight, we see Julia’s car speeding down the road.

Julia (from the car): The Khalid Manor was built in 1890 as a spring home for one of Pharaoh Kamilah’s lovers. After he died, the house was sold as private property up until the 1950s.

In 1955, the home owner’s wife was caught cheating on him. He killed her, the man she was having an affair with, and then himself, all inside that house.

Melissa (from the car): That’s horrible…

Julia (from the car): Well yeah, that’s why it’s haunted.

The property reverted back to government control and sat unused until two years ago, when… I dunno, some guy bought it. He wanted to turn it into a hotel, but…

2: Inside the car: Melissa is in the passenger seat. Rhoda is in the back with some of the bags. They all wear summery outfits with Rhoda keeping her beret.

Rhoda: But I’m guessing there were ghosts or whatever.

Julia: Crafty urban explorers have reported mysterious sounds, locked doors opening, shit being rearranged… A lot of standard haunted house stuff, really.

Some people mentioned ghost sightings and there are some interesting photographs online.

3: Back outside, they drive past a road sign for Popina’s, a fast food place.

Rhoda (from the car): Shit… just realized how hungry I am.

Melissa (from the car): Me toooo, can we stop here?

Julia (from the car): What? You two have a whole house full of delicious ghosts to eat.

Rhoda (from the car): Might make them hard to study.