1: We finally see the angular, sandstone form of the Khalid Manor. It is in a state of disrepair, given its age and time of neglect: fort-like towers in good condition, but many of the windows cracked or broken. The frontage is in impressively large panes of glass.

2: The girls unload boxes of equipment out of the trunk of the car, Melissa loading a small dolly with a camera bag and other boxes.

3: Julia, hands on her hips, looks over the manor. A tired looking Rhoda is behind her, pulling out her glasses.

Julia: See anything unusual, Rhoda? Bad vibes or whatever?

Rhoda: If you brought me just to make fun of me…

Julia: C’mon, that’s not what I’m doing, and you know it. I’m asking honestly.

4: Rhoda has her glasses off and is rubbing her eyes.

Rhoda: …Actually, yeah.

5: We see the girls from inside the house, through a cracked window.

Rhoda: I do feel… I don’t know. Something’s up, definitely. I’m probably just psyching myself out though.