1: A small digital camera has been attached to a wall.

2: Through the camera’s vision, we see Julia looking up, smiling and talking to it like a pet. She stands at the opening to the large main hall, a vibrant Deco style to some of the rails and rich varnished wood.

Julia: Hey, lil cutie. You seeing me okay?

3: Melissa is behind a laptop, blushing. She’s talking into her cell phone, using it like a walkie-talkie. She is in a rather bare room with an old couch and some wooden furniture.

Melissa: Y…yeah, I see you Julia…

Julia (through phone): What? Mel, please. I’m talking to the camera.

4: Their monitoring equipment, all run out of a few different laptops, is set up on multiple screens.

Julia (through phone): Great! Awesome. Everything’s plugged in and working.

Melissa: So what’s this other thing do again?

5: We see an advanced monitoring device, a spectral-shift analyzer, and a powerful hard drive that it’s connected to.

Julia (through phone): This is the Spectral-Shift Analyzer, on loan from the Pilgrim Center.

Melissa (off-screen): Oh, that’s what you got from my dad.

Julia (through phone): Mhmm. It records a very broad range of frequencies, but most importantly, it can scan for the presence of Shankar Radiation, a strange quantum particle that we think might be generated by neurological activity.

Melissa (off-screen): Like… Brain waves?

Julia (through phone): If ghosts exist… I think it’s possible to actually record them with this thing. No one’s tried that yet, because they only invented this thing a few years ago and it’s really hard to get one.