1: Julia is walks through an open door, thinking aloud to herself, or perhaps recording on her phone.

Julia: Ugh, another building without sliding doors.

2: She shuts the door behind her.

Julia (through door): Someone’s gonna lose a tail at this rate.

3: We see metal shelves set against the wall, stacked with boxes full of letters and articles.

Julia (off-screen): Okay, he said they were in here somewhere, now did you label-

4: A box near the ground is labeled “Ziri letters”.

Julia (off-screen): Oh! You did. Well then.

5: Julia’s bent over as she gives a quick look through the box of papers. Behind her, we see the open door.

6: She looks up over her shoulder as the door slams shut, again.

7: She doesn’t look scared: her happy face and wagging tail.