1: The box is open, a collection of letters and newspaper clippings revolving around the murdered family that lived in the house prior. We see a photograph of the family in question: two canines.

Julia (off-screen): The husband’s name was Sabha bin Ziri and the wife was Chryssa.

Can’t find who she was having an affair with, but I know they died in this house. Apparently Sabha invited them both over to talk it out over dinner and shot them both.

Melissa (off-screen): Here, I found him. Her lover was I..Isk..inder? Iskinder.

2: Julia and Melissa are delving into the letters on the floor of their make-shift command center. Rhoda is reading an old book, it seems to be one she brought with her. Behind her, on the wall, is an aged painting of a meadow.

Julia: No way… In this article, it says that Sabha guy didn’t die here at all. A servant found him, bleeding out after shooting himself… they got him to a hospital before he died.

Melissa: So the only people to die here were the wife and her lover.

3: The dark serpent appears over Rhoda’s shoulder.

???: Hmf, well… what have we here?

4: A close-up of the page she’s on. We see it is more of ‘The Key of Elan’, one of the books she had been looking at in Issue #3. The book has a strange diagram that seems to relate to the structure of souls and spiritual beings.

??? (off-screen): Ah, yes… Elan Sahar’s old book on “aether beings”.

He was such a curious fellow. You remind me of him. A lot easier on the eyes, though.