1: The strange beast drifts along behind Rhoda, who is looking at the book still. Behind them the painting has changed: the meadow ringed by dead trees and patchy raw earth.

???: I believe this book talked about us like animals, if I recall. Animals that needed to feed and consume.

Rhoda: He was a crazy old man.

???: But do you deny it? You saw them. You saw us: the hungry animals of the sea beyond life.

2: The monster’s arm is draped over Rhoda’s shoulder, claws pawing at the gold necklace she wears again, the folded wings a symbol of Ta’esh-Hasim.

???: I hear you saw one in particular. Her gaping, gnashing mouth and her grotesque, faceless form…

Amazing that you still wear her holy symbol…

3: Clutching her necklace, the serpentine figure no longer visible, Rhoda looks up as Julia speaks.

Julia (off-screen): Something wrong?

Rhoda: What? No, why?

4: We see that some of the equipment from before has been returned to their cases.

Julia (off-screen): Why’d you take down these cameras?

Rhoda (off-screen): What are you talking about?

Julia (off-screen): When Melissa and I looked up from the letters, we found all this shit packed up.

Rhoda (off-screen): It wasn’t me. I was here the whole time.

Julia (off-screen): Are you sure?

Rhoda (off-screen): Are you implying something?