Page 17

1: We see a laptop screen showing the feed from one of the cameras mounted on the wall. While they talk, Julia and Melissa are putting equipment into their cases rather than just looking through letters. A timestamp of [19:01] marks the footage.

Julia (from speakers): In this article, it says that Sabha guy didn’t die here at all. A servant found him, bleeding out after shooting himself… they got him to a hospital before he died.

Melissa (from speakers): So the only people to die here were the wife and her lover.

Julia (from speakers): Means any ghosts around here aren’t murderous, jealous husbands…

2: The girls, leaning in, watch the footage in disbelief.

Julia: No fucking way.

Melissa: I didn’t do that…

Rhoda: You guys are just messing with me, right?

3: Melissa turns to Rhoda, looking angry and somewhat scared.

Melissa: You think I want to pretend like I was doing something against my will?!

4: We see the girls from afar via camera footage, Melissa has rushed out through a large ball room with a highly polished floor, Julia is chasing after her.

Julia: Enough, you two. We need to get this shit set up again before we sleep.

Melissa: I am not sleeping in here.

Julia: What? C’mon, you have to. It’s, like, ghost hunter tradition!

5: Rhoda appears as Melissa storms off, clearly unsettled by the supernatural control.

Rhoda: Let her sleep in the car, I’ll help set up your whatever-they-ares.

Julia: But… rrf. Fine.