1: It is now dark. The girls are on the ground in sleeping bags, staring up at the ceiling. A small device is casting beams of light onto the ceiling and they’re watching while talking.

Melissa: So… you’re taking Rhoda with us to a haunted house.

Julia: Mhmm.

Melissa: Is that… smart?

Julia: Of course it is. I’ve known her for years, she’s durable.

Melissa: Durable is one thing… If she… I mean, I don’t know what she saw, but it really messed her up, didn’t it?

Julia: It did. But it means she might see things we can’t.

2: Melissa leans on her side, talking to Julia, she looks concerned.

Melissa: But what if she doesn’t want to see those things?

When someone sees something awful they typically don’t go digging in books to read about it, or hanging around scientists who study it!

3: Julia cocks an eyebrow at her.

4: We see cast on Julia’s ceiling are digitized pinpricks of light forming the constellations of the night sky.

Julia: She volunteered to help us. She can back out whenever she wants.

She saw what she did because she’s a curious person, and nothing has changed that. I’m not using her or forcing her into anything.

Rhoda wants to know more.

She has to.