1: Back in Julia’s bedroom from earlier issues. It is notably more messy and Julia is shamefully shoving trash into a trash bag while Melissa is in her computer chair, leaned forward as she looks around the room. We see the couch in Julia’s room and posters on the wall, her computer station is the cleanest place in her room.

Melissa: So this is the lair of the notorious Julia King, huh.

Julia: Again, sorry it’s a mess…

Melissa: I expected more stolen artifacts and hacking consoles with nuclear launch codes on them!

Julia: Disappointing, I know.

2: Melissa checks out a large, autographed poster. It is a movie poster for one of the many Naomi Rider films, with this one showing a silver fox (Naomi Rider) in an action pose: an action archaeologist film.

Melissa: Hey, is that autographed?

Julia (off-screen): Yup! I managed to get every actress who ever played Naomi Rider to autograph the same poster. Gods, I almost embarrassed myself by gushing about their movies.

Melissa: Well, that explains a lot. I hear those movies were pretty cheesy.

3: In a flashback, a child Julia is on the streets, staring up at the very poster she has in her room.

Julia (narrating): I guess, I mean… The movies are great, but it’s the character that I was always crazy about.

I was obsessed with her growing up so, yeah, I wanted to be just like her.

I mean, hell, a badass chick exploring ancient ruins, punching Communists, eventually becoming a secret agent?

That shit changed my viewpoint on everything.

4: Melissa has turned her attention elsewhere, to Julia’s bookcase. There are lots of books about UFOs, ghosts and paranormal events. This includes Victor Morgan’s The Unexplained World (2nd edition) and Mira Koray’s A Killer’s Mind, we also see a series of Naomi Rider young adult novels.

Melissa: I bet I can guess your next Halloween costume.

Julia (off-screen): I don’t need to dress like her for a fourth time.

Not until the next movie…