1: Julia leans over and nudges Rhoda’s shoulder, waking her up from her distraction.

Julia: Hey, you okay?

Rhoda: Huh, w… yeah…

2: Julia’s smiling gently at Rhoda.

Julia: Since we’re heading out on Saturday, Melissa said we should have a sleep over so we could pack and, ya know, hang out. Wanna join us?

Rhoda: Might wanna be alone tomorrow night, actually.

Julia: Are you sure? I mean… will you be okay alone?

3: Melissa stands, smiling but feeling awkward.

Melissa: I… think I need the little kitten’s room, I’ll be right back!

4: Julia and Rhoda speak more candidly as Melissa slips out, shutting the door behind her.

Julia: I’m just… worried about you.

Rhoda: Well, stop it.

Julia: I’m allowed to w-

I’m… your friend, Rhoda. I don’t wanna like… oppress you or whatever, but…

Fuck, I’m not good with this therapist shit.

Rhoda: Listen…

5: Rhoda does her best to explain.

Rhoda: I owe you one for getting me out of there.

I couldn’t talk to anyone at first… and you said you believed me, so…

Julia: I do believe you.

Rhoda: You helped me a lot, is the point. I just need time to get my shit together so I can think.

Julia: You know I’m here for you and all that sappy crap, right?

Rhoda: Yeah, yeah.

6: Julia’s fist balls a little out of sight, her chair shows fresh claw marks.

Julia: Then that’s all that matters.