1: Julia flops back into a seat at the table.

Julia: Right! Listen up, Dogs.

2: The fancy computer screen shows notes and articles regarding the Khalid Manor.

Julia (off-screen): Say hello to the latest version of the Naga Hardlight Console, basically the most top-of-the-line computer available to us plebs without a forensics lab.

We’ll be using it to correlate all the notes and letters and journals in the room, looking for, the… uh… well, anything we want!

While entering in some data to test the system, I found some really interesting articles about the Khalid Manor.

3: The three girls plan the table: Julia and Melissa chat with interest, Rhoda looks distracted.

Julia: I thought this would be a great thing for us to investigate! No one’s been allowed in there for a long time, but it changed ownership two years ago and I bet I could get us in.

We’ve got access to a lot of neat equipment, including some cameras, sensors from infrared to UV, EVP shit…

Melissa: How’d you afford all this stuff?

4: Rhoda looks worried, as the other two talk off screen, a strange voice comes to her over Julia.

Julia (off-screen): As honorary members of the SIU, our new sugar daddy Agent Jackson generously supplied us with anything I asked for. [This will partially be cut off by a black, scratchy speech bubble.]

??? (off-screen): Rhooodaaa…

5: Draped along the furniture of the room is a long ghostly presence, an antlered snake-like creature with long hair and a strange, sly smile, watching Rhoda with head in hand.