1: We see the basement hallway of the Cairo University Library where the headquarters of The Order of the Black Dog has been reopened under new management. Julia has made a crudely drawn sign for their “secret” society which is taped to the wall outside the door.

Julia (from within): Piece of shit…

2: Inside the HQ, Julia is struggling with their new computer: a large holographic display mounted on the wall above a desk. Sitting at a table are Rhoda and Melissa, Melissa’s body language is nervous in a cami and skirt.

Julia: No, don’t run an update.

Melissa: So, uh, Julia says you’re an artist?

Rhoda: Guess so.

Melissa: That’s… cool?

3: Melissa, smiling uneasily, tries to make conversation, she is wearing her ornate necklace.

Melissa: Hey, uh, I think I saw something about a really huge… like, illustrated manuscript that came to the museum, did you get to see it?

4: Rhoda isn’t looking at her as she speaks.

Rhoda: Was a little busy being locked up in a mental ward at the time.

5: Melissa is taken back and embarrassed.

Melissa: Right…