1: Inside the car, Julia is driving and smiling while Rhoda stares out the window.

Julia: So. Back at your mom and dad’s house after so much time on that shitty ward bed. How’s it feel?

Rhoda: Fine.

Julia: I’m sure the food’s a lot better.

Been up to much? Get any drawing done or anything?

Rhoda: Some.

2: Rhoda’s blank expression continues, she is clearly still numb from the experience.

Rhoda: I haven’t been doing much. Mostly just trying to sleep all day.

3: Julia shows concern, looking to Rhoda.

4: Julia then puts on a wide, excited smile as her eyes return to the road.

Julia: That’s fine. I found a great big distracting adventure for you to join us on.

5: Julia’s car swerves out of her lane on the empty road.

Julia (from the car): I put that paper here… somewhere.

Rhoda (from the car): Oi, watch the road you psycho.

6: Julia holds up a print-out of an online article, cut off is part of a photo of an old manor house. The article ‘The Haunted Khalid Manor’ written by Ben Claremore is from Weird Web, posted in 2029.

Text body: In the scenic, walled-off town of Sidi Barrani, the legendary Khalid Manor overlooks the Mediterranean in somber solitude. Once a luxurious mansion commissioned by the Pharaoh Kamilah herself, it is now better known for its mysterious history of ghost sightings, strange lights, poltergeists, and gruesome murder.