1: The girls, old friends, chat casually: Rhoda looks quite serious, but seems used to Julia’s awkward welcome.

Rhoda: I could have just taken the bus.

Julia: Shut up, girl, I’m here to take care of you.

Plus, I have a new car to show off, so you’re riding in it whether you like it or not.

2: Rhoda, who no longer seems to be listening, is looking up distractedly.

Julia (off-screen): Now get in. I’ll ramble about its top speed or whatever and we’ll have a good time.

3: A vivid landscape occupies the skies in Rhoda’s vision. Julia in the foreground looks happily at her, blissfully unaware that Rhoda is looking at a colorful sky of pulsing red flesh. Towering pillars of skin give the sense of vertigo as grotesque creatures float by where clouds should be.