1: Julia stares at the screen, controlling the footage forward and back through time, making copies.

Julia: This… this is huge. This could change everything.

We… I mean… We have to test this… run countless experiments. Test for interference, echoes.

We need a control group, we need… peer review, I guess…

Rhoda, if this is what I think it is…

Rhoda (off-screen): What’s next?

2: As Rhoda listens, to her side is the long ghostly serpent, a hand raised to its whispering maw.

Julia (off-screen): Next? Well… geeze, I don’t know…

3: Rhoda has a hand to her chin and smirks thoughtfully. The ghostly snake smiles and slinks away.

Julia (off-screen): In all those ghost-hunting shows they usually try to communicate with the spirits. We could try that.

4: Rhoda sits beside Julia on the balcony.

Rhoda: Easiest way to do that is with a seance. That’s how I… did what I did before.

Julia: I wouldn’t make you do something like that.

Rhoda: I think I want to.

5: Rhoda indicates to the brightly colored figure on the screen.

Rhoda (off-screen): I saw that ghost last night. This is the first time I’ve had any evidence of what I saw.