1: The next morning, Julia sits with a cup of coffee on a balcony overlooking the hall, checking a tablet computer. Rhoda approaches from behind.

Rhoda: See anything fun yet?

2: Julia shares nighttime video footage of a hallway: shadows occupy it, it is not clear if it was one of the girls.

Julia: A lot of the gear ran out of batteries after only a few hours… I swear we charged them before setting them up. We’ve got some weird movement from some cameras though. Have to study it more later.

3: Looking perplexed, Julia studies the tablet.

Rhoda: Didja check that Spectral-Whatever Thing yet?

Julia: Was gonna poke at that next.

Rhoda: I’d try it if I were you. Maybe start around… 4:30.

4: Julia leans forward, eyes wide and fully awake.

5: The footage from the analyzer shows Julia as she lays down, outlined by strange glowing shapes of multiple colors. Above Julia’s sleeping form is the large, bulking, glowing form of the apparition Rhoda saw during the night.