1: Later, a wooden floor has been cleared in a broad room and a large runic symbol is in the process of being painted with brilliant red paint: it looks similar to the other symbol Rhoda drew from the ‘Key of Elan’. Rhoda is on the ground doing the painting, and Melissa stands by curious.

Melissa: Oh, gods, you’re seriously doing this. Is this safe?

Rhoda: Ghosts can be pretty harmless. If we can manage to communicate with them, they’ll mostly be like… distant reflections of memories. They can’t hurt us.

Melissa: Is it safe for you?

2: Rhoda sits up and rubs her nose with her wrist. Melissa is in the background and has knelt onto the floor to watch, she looks concerned.

Melissa: Julia told me what happened.

Rhoda: What of it?

Melissa: Well… you probably don’t want to relive any of that, right?

3: Rhoda wets her brush.

Rhoda: Can’t just pretend it didn’t happen.

4: Rhoda leans forward and resumes painting the circle. She looks determined, and happily focused.

Rhoda: I have a chance to prove what I saw was real. I have the opportunity to… to face everything I saw and defeat it, control it…

I have to know it’s real.