1: Jocelyn drags the chest across the dirt, as he backs through the gap between the rocks the air ripples and creases.

2: Ikal waves goodbye, Maximon beside him watching.

3: With the illusion disrupted on the wall of the entrance we see the bug’s camp through the columns of rock. Lush gardens of alien plants surround tall spires of bone, covered in flowering vines. Small pod-like houses litter the area. A large cocoon is in the background, blocking the view of what seems to be a large spine and rib bones. Two attendants wearing long-sleeved robes tend to the plants as a nervous Jocelyn hands over the poncho full of eggs to a taller bug with a spiked thorax and abdomen. The figure seems to be some sort of solider, it holds a tube-like device in one armored hand: they all look out at Ikal.