1: Outside at last the heroes push the mine cart out of a cave with the help of Maximon.

2: Carrying some of the bags, Jocelyn leads them to the entrance of an empty clearing between tall outcroppings of rock. Ikal is pushing the trunk along the ground.

Jocelyn: I’m afraid this is where we must say goodbye…

3: Jocelyn stands cautiously with sad concern in his eyes.

Jocelyn: This is where we’re hidden. They’re not going to let you in and will likely scold me from bringing you this close at all.

Ikal (off-screen): I… reckon I can understand that…

4: Jocelyn approaches Ikal, both seem awkward.

Jocelyn: I never quite got a grasp on all of your people’s customs. Is it acceptable for a “man” to hug another one before saying goodbye?

Ikal: Uh… Well… So long as no one sees, I suppose… just this once…

5: The thin bug hugs close to Ikal’s chest, thin arms wrapped around him. Ikal, embarrassed but embracing the hug, pats the bug’s head.